I grew up in small towns in northern BC, Canada and attended the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 1986 and completed studies in Electrical Engineering Technology. My love of adventure novels combined with my personal first hand experience with a tragic 1974 plane crash that involved members of my family, prompted me to write my first book ‘Blood on the Ice’.

I’ve never written anything before, other than technical narratives for my job. But my three sons often told me that I was a great story teller. They would sit spellbound and hang on my every word whenever I regaled them with an adventure from my youth. I started thinking perhaps I should take a shot at this assignment and share with the rest of the world this personal incident.

But who would care about a story of two adults and one young boy being lost in a private plane crash in northern BC, Canada? What could it matter that, decades ago, my family struggled desperately against their own private apocalypse with little hope for survival? It certainly meant a great deal to us, our friends and extended family, but what about others?

It was after I read ‘Angela’s Ashes’ that I fully committed to telling this story. The honest, gripping manner with which Frank McCourt recounted his childhood inspired me to do the same. Although it may seem that at times my book is somewhat tough, I hope in the end it balances out and is a realistic portrayal of ordinary lives facing extraordinary circumstances.


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