Blood On the Ice

Based on a True Story of Courage and Determination in the Face of Great Tragedy

Steve Novak

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As I started my snowmobile for a late afternoon ride that fateful day back in 1974, little did I know that my parents and 11 year old brother were fighting for their lives in a high mountain pass at that very moment. The small Piper aircraft they had been flying home in had just slammed into a frozen lake during a deadly blizzard. The next 24 hours would become a struggle for survival and a race to rescue them against all odds. This story details the horror of that crash, but it’s also about growing up in a simpler time in a small, northern town. This book is a celebration of love, respect, survival and community as well as a lesson in grace and courage in the face of great adversity. If you love aircraft and adventure this book is for you.**Disclaimer** I recognize that the other family member’s memories of events may be different than my own.


Explosive, tragic, funny, spiritual-this book candidly, tenderly, explores complex family dynamics. So well-written, I reminisced, laughed, and held my breath. A rich snap-shot of Canadian rural life set against an incredible true story.

3 thoughts on “Blood on the Ice

  1. This short read is not just about a plane crash. It is really the writer’s journey to try to understand his family through the the examination of a drama that would shape them all in the years to come. The story is dramatic and certainly engaging. The author writes with a very refreshing candor that makes this book so much more than just your garden variety survival story. Read it!

    Campbell Stewart


  2. It started as a casual summer read, meant to be enjoyed a few pages at a time. But it was hard to put down and I read it without pause. This novella grips you from the first page as it weaves back and forth through the terror of the crash and the complexities of a family. Exciting, honest, insightful and true, it also gives the reader a real sense of life in Northern Canada.


  3. Not being a reader but knowing Steve as friend from work, I began by believing I would browse through his “hobbie work”. Much to my surprise, I simply couldn’t put it down. As we share the same ancestry, there was more than a couple instances of quotes / mannerisms that were captured exactly as I recall them in the cob webs of my memory. And the story, well, quite the read. Very very good.
    Thanks Eli


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